Scope of conference

The conference covers from a scientific and engineering perspective, the fluid dynamics and thermodynamics of turbomachines, as well as of turbomachinery based propulsion systems and power systems. Of interest are the design, development and operation of axial, mixed flow and radial turbomachines mainly in terms of performance, stability and sustainability enhancements:

Aero-engines and jet engines
Industrial gas turbines, steam turbines
Compressors and fans
Hydraulic turbines and pumps
Wind and marine turbines
Aero and marine propellers


Particular emphasis will be given to the following areas:

Fundamental fluid mechanics

Turbulent and transitional flows
Two phase and wet steam flows
Multiphase flows
Particle paths, deposition and erosion effects
Real working fluid flows

Thermodynamics, heat transfer, cooling and leakage

Heat transfer and turbine cooling
Turbine internal and external (film) cooling flows and losses
Effects of rotation, unsteadiness and temperature non uniformities
Leakage and sealing flows
Combustor turbine interactions

Unsteady flows and interactions

Surge, stall and transients
Rotor-stator interactions and multi-row effects
Components interactions (combustor/turbine, fan/HPC, HPT/LPT)
Vibration, forced response, flutter and aero-elasticity
Separation and cavitation
Aero-acoustics, noise generation and reduction

Turbomachinery design, performance and operation

Optimisation techniques and uncertainties quantification
Design, analysis and optimisation
Performance predictions
Active and passive flow control, including MEMS
Testing, measurement techniques and experimental validation
Operational experience and performance monitoring
Diagnostics, deterioration and residual performance/life prediction