Best Paper Award


Every two years the ETC Committee selects a paper presented at the Conference and delivers to the authors the ETC Best Paper Award. The award aims at the recognition of the excellence among those technical papers which have been identified to be of Journal quality, i.e. those papers achieving the following criteria:

  • two or more reviewers gave a grading higher than 80%
  • the average grading is above 80%
  • the Review Organizer, who did not act as reviewer, recommended the paper for Journal publication
  • the BPA acknowledges the author’s contribution in terms of either fundamental or applied research in fluid dynamics and thermodynamics of turbomachinery

The Ceremony

The Award recipient is honoured by the Conference Chairman during the conference gala dinner.

The Award

The Award consists of a parchment, and a list of awarded papers is reported on the Euroturbo website.

The selection procedure

The Award is managed by a small technical committee (five members of the board, one of which is the PRC).  The committee covers experimental and numerical skills, whilst representing the two main branches of turbines and compressors/pumps. The Committee operates for 4 years, after which it is re-elected. The Award is necessarily assigned to a paper belonging to the category Journal, in order to consolidate the quality of our review process. The members of the BPA committee will evaluate the top five papers (in our internal ranking scheme) and the results of their evaluation will have to be approved by the board on the occasion of the March meeting.