The Scientific policy of the Society reposes on a review procedure that comply with the COPE Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing (recognized publication ethics and malpractice statement, detail in and which have been stated since the beginning of the existence of the former Committee and now Euroturbo society.

Any publication produced by the Society underline serious review process of at least three peer reviewers coming from different institutions (Academia, Industry, Research Centre) and Countries. The paper Review Chairman, member of the Executive Board has the responsibility to select review organisers (RO) who are requested to manage limited number of papers and to managed the reviewers, in a data base selected by the Committee according to their expertise. The paper review chairman is in charge to monitor the behaviour of the reviewers as well of the Reviewe Organisers, in order to maintain an high quality level of the process and to comply with the COPE principles.

In recognition of this serious review procedure the last six Conference have been recognised SCOPUS accreditation, the Process with ISI web of Science is in progress. All the Euroturbo publication have the ISSN=2313-0067 (Paper) and 2410-4833 (CD-ROM)