The European Turbomachinery Conferences have been managed since 1995 by an informal committee representing a number of European member states. More recently this committee has been turned into a legal entity, the European Turbomachinery Society (Euroturbo). Euroturbo is a not for profit international scientific organization, whose main objective is to provide and facilitate the European and worldwide dissemination and harmonization of information, knowledge and technology in the field of turbomachinery and turbomachinery based power systems. Its intention is to offer its skills and expertise to all European National Agencies involved in the preparation and development of projects in the field, while supporting the related education and training programs.

Among other events, Euroturbo manages the European Turbomachinery Conferences (ETC). The success of this series of conferences lays in the quality of its single blind review process, which is managed by a member of the Executive Board of Euroturbo (the Review Chair). The Review Chair, together with his team of Review Organizers, ensures the scientific quality of the manuscripts submitted for review to all scientific events.

The proceedings of the international conferences edited by Euroturbo are indexed in the Elsevier Scopus citation database (since 2005) and are registered with the following serial publication numbers (ISSN): 2313-0067 (paper back) and 2410-4833 (CD-ROM). They are also included in the Web of Science Journal of Citation Report of Thomson Reuters (since 2011). The Euroturbo review system procedure complies with the COPE Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing (recognized publication ethics and malpractice statement, details in

Euroturbo was formally constituted in Italy, on the 22nd of February 2012, as a not for profit international scientific organization by five founding members:

  • Francesco Martelli, Università di Firenze, Italy
  • Claus H. Sieverding, von Kàrmàn Institute, Belgium
  • Gerard Bois, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers, France
  • Marcello Manna, Università di Napoli Federico II, Italy
  • Olivier Leonard, Université de Liège, Belgium

Euroturbo is formally registered in the Italian Revenue Agency as well as with the European Union.


Raul Vazquez

Dr. Raúl Vázquez Díaz


Francesco Martelli

Prof. Francesco Martelli

Past Chairman,

Marcello Manna

Prof. Marcello Manna

General Secretary

Antoine Dazin

Prof. Antoine Dazin

Review Chairman

Nicolas Binder

Prof. Nicolas Binder

Tom Verstraete

Prof. Tom Verstraete

Dieter Brillert

Prof. Dieter Brillert

Damian Vogt

Prof. Damian Vogt

Wise External Advisors

Gerard Bois

Prof. Gerard Bois

Claus H. Sieverding

Prof. Claus H. Sieverding


  • Prof. T. Arts, von Karman Institute (BE)
  • Prof. L.E. Bakken, Norway University of Technology (NO)
  • Prof. G. Barigozzi, University of Bergamo (IT)
  • Prof. F.K. Benra, University of Duisburg-Essen (DE)
  • Prof. G. Bois, ENSAM- ParisTech, Lille (FR)
  • Prof. J. Boudet, Ecole Centrale de Lyon (LMFA), Ecully (FR)
  • Prof. D. Brillert, Universitaet Duisburg-Essen (DE)
  • Prof. R. Corral Garcia, Univ. Politécnica de Madrid (ES)
  • Prof. B. Cukurel, Technion, Haifa (IL)
  • Prof. A. Dazin, ENSAM- ParisTech, Lille (FR)
  • Prof. P. Doerffer, Polish Academy of Science (PL)
  • Dr. M. Dumas, Snecma, SAFRAN, Villaroche (FR)
  • Prof. P. Flaszynski, IMP PAN, Gdansk (PL)
  • Prof. T. Fransson, Royal Inst. of Technology, Stockholm (SE)
  • Prof. V. Gribin, NTU “Moscow Power Institute” (RU)
  • Dr. A. Granovskiy, Lyulka Design Bureau (RU)
  • Prof. F. Heitmeir, Graz University of Technology (AT)
  • Prof. P. Ireland, University of Oxford (GB)
  • Prof. A. Kalfas, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (GR)
  • Prof. D. Kozulovic, Univ. of the Bundeswehr Munich (DE)
  • Dr. E Janke, Rolls-Royce, Deutschland DE
  • Prof. M. Manna, University of Naples “Federico II” (IT)
  • Prof. F. Martelli, University of Florence (IT)
  • Prof. K. Mathioudakis, Nat. Tech. University, Athens (GR)
  • Prof. R. Miller, University of Cambridge (GB)
  • Prof. F. Montomoli, Imperial College of London (GB)
  • Prof. R. Niehuis, Universität Bundeswehr München (DE)
  • Dr. R. Obertacke, Siemens AG Power & Gas (DE)
  • Prof. G. Paniagua, Purdue Univ. USA
  • Prof. G. Pavesi, University of Padua (IT)
  • Dr. P. Petrie-Repar, Royal Inst. of Technol., Stockholm (SE)
  • Prof. J. Polanský, Technical University in Prague (CZ)
  • Prof. J.A. Schiffmann, EPFL (CH)
  • Prof. J. Seume, Leibniz University of Hannover (DE)
  • Prof. S. Shahpar, Rolls-Royce, Derby (GB)
  • Prof. S. Spence, Trinity College Dublin (IE)
  • Prof. J.E. Teixeira Borges, Instituto Superior Técnico (PT)
  • Prof. J. Vad, University of Budapest (HU)
  • Prof. J. Van Buijtenen, Delft University of Technology (NL)
  • Dr. R. Vázquez Díaz, Rolls-Royce (GB)
  • Prof. T. Verstraete, von Karman Inst. for Fluid Dynamics (BE)
  • Prof. D. Vogt Inst. of Thermal Turbomac. Univ. of Stuttgart (DE)
  • Dr. A. Wiedermann, MAN Energy Solutions SE (DE)


Leonardo Nibbi
IT tools specialist

Simone Salvadori, PhD
scientific dissemination specialist

Francesco Schinaia
web master and visual design