The Association is committed to:

Organise high quality scientific events and conferences
on turbomachinery related matters
Promote the dissemination, the exchange and the publication
of top quality research in the field
Support all initiatives aimed at strengthening the cooperation among similar European associations
Support young researcher in the development of advanced technologies


The topics addressed by Euroturbo deal with the current and future scientific and technological developments in turbomachinery and in the related fields of turbomachinery based propulsion and power systems. Of primary interest are the thermodynamics, the fluid mechanics, the heat transfer and the applied combustion of aerospace, marine and industrial energy devices and systems, both from a component and a system perspective. Likewise, attention is paid to all energy conversion systems based on single or multi-phase fluid flows, single or multi-species, involving one or more turbomachines.

Scientific initiatives fostered by the Society are expected to yield definite improvements of the performance, stability and sustainability characteristics of axial, mixed flow, radial and unconventional turbomachines, and related power systems:

Aero-engines and jet engines
Industrial gas turbines, steam turbines
Compressors and fans
Hydraulic turbines and pumps
Wind and marine turbines
Aero and marine propellers
Innovative turbomachineries