The European Turbomachinery Conference has been managed since its birth in 1995 by an informal committee, now as far as more formal commitments have been arisen it has decided to provide to our Committee a legal status  able to joint the important missions that European Commission is  encouraging in the frame of European Scientific knowledge harmonization and dissemination program, in the area of aeronautics, but not only. Therefore in February 2012, a new form of the previous Committee come into being as a no-profit international Organization: the European Turbomachinery Society (Euroturbo) which take now the scientific responsibility of the ETConference.

At the moment the key point of the success of the conference lays in  the review process which is managed by a General Responsible of the scientific quality of the papers (the Paper Review Chairman) member of the executive board of the Society. In his responsibility is the selection of the Review Organizers (RO) who managed the review process of up to five papers.

The RO provides at least three peer reviewers from a data base of qualified reviewers up dated by all the members of the committee. In general the thee reviewers must come from different countries, (different from the country authors) from different  institution (Academia, Industry, Research Center) and if possible one of the reviewers should come from UK area to assess the language.

 The Eurotorbo has been formally constituted in Florence Italy on 22nd  February 2012 as a no profit international scientific organization by the founder members:

  • Prof. Francesco Martelli
  • Prof. Claus H. Sieverding
  • Prof. Gerard Bois
  • Prof. Marcello Manna
  • Prof. Olivier Leonard


The Euroturbo is registered in the Italian Fiscal Authority and as well in the European Portal: PIC: 943286686.

The conferences  managed by Euroturbo are recognized in the SOPUS database  and have registerd with the ISSN: 2313-0067 (paper back) 2410-4833 (CD-ROM).

The Euroturbo review procedure complies with the COPE Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing (recognized publication ethics and malpractice statement, detail in; a standard that is already accounted for since ever.



Prof. Francesco Martelli

Prof. Francesco Martelli


Prof. M. Dumas

V. for Industrial relationship
Prof Marcello Manna

Prof. Marcello Manna

V. President for dissemination
Prof Gerard Bois

Prof. Gerard Bois

Tony Arts Portrait

Prof. Tony Arts

Secretary responsible

Prof. Claus H. Sieverding

Scientific Quality Responsible
(Paper Review Chairman)
Raul Vazquez

Dr. Raul Vazquez

Local Organization Chairman 

The whole committee is constituted by members coming
from most of the European countries 

Prof. T. Arts
VKI, Rhode-St-Genèse

Prof. J. Backman 
Lappeenranta U. of Tech.

Prof. L. Bakken

Prof. G. Bois
Arts et Métiers-ParisTech, Lille

Dr.  R. Corral
ITP-Universtitad Politecnica de Madrid

Prof. P.Colonna
Delft University of Tecnology

Dr. B. Cukurel
Technion Haifa

Prof. P. Doerffer
Polish Academy of Science

Dr. M. Dumas
Snecma, SAFRAN

Prof. T. Fransson
KTH, Stockholm

Prof. V. Gnesin
NASU Kharkow

Dr. A. Granovskiy
ALSTOM Power Uniturbo

Prof. V. Gribin
National Technical University “Moscow Power Insitute”

Prof. F. Heitmeir
Graz University of Technology

Prof. H. Jericha
Graz University of Technology

Prof. O. Léonard
Univ. Liège

Prof. M. Manna
Univ. Naples

Prof. F. Martelli
Univ. Florence

Dr. R. Miller
Univ. Cambridge

Dr. P. Neilson

Prof. Dr. R. Niehuis
Universität der Bundeswehr München Institut für Strahlantriebe

 Dr. P. Ott
EPFL, Lausanne

Prof. Polansky
University of West Bohemia

Mr. C. Scrivener
Consultant to Rolls-Royce Derby

Prof. M. Sen
Tech. Univ. Istanbul

Prof. J. Seume
Univ. Hannover

Prof. C.H. Sieverding
VKI, Rhode-St-Genèse

Prof. S. Spence
Queens University Belfast

Dr. R. Vazquez Diaz
ITP, Madrid

Dr. J. Vad
Univ. Budapest

Prof. J.P. Van Buijtenen
Tech. Univ. Delft