Program at the glance

MONDAY3rd April 2017
10:00-10:15Opening Ceremony
10:15-11:15Invited Lecture"Aerodynamic Design Methods and Problems of Uncooled Aeronautical Turbines - 20 Years of Evolution and Perspectives"
Prof. Roque Corral - Industria de Turbopropulsores
11:30-13:00Session A-01Axial turbines: secondary, tip clearance and leakage flows (I)
Session B-01Axial compressors (I)
Session C-01Design and optimization (I)
14:30-16:00Session A-02Axial turbines: design, analysis and performance
Session B-02Aero-acoustics, noise generation and reduction (I)
Session C-02Design and optimization (II)
16:00-16:30Coffee break
16:30-18:00Session A-03Heat transfer and blade cooling (I)
Session B-03Diffusers
Session C-03Transition and turbulence modeling (I)
Globe HotelWelcome reception
TUESDAY4th April 2017
8:30-9:30Invited Lecture"Progress of Film Cooling in Industrial Gas Turbine Vanes and Blades"
Prof. Kenichiro Takeishi - Tokushima Bunri University, Japan
9:30-10:00Coffee break
10:00-12:30Session A-04Heat transfer and blade cooling (II)
Session B-04Axial compressors (II)
Session C-04Active and passive flow control
14:00-16:00Session A-05Axial turbines: secondary, tip clearance and leakage flows (II)
Session B-05Axial compressors: design analysis and performance
Session C-05Modeling of physical phenomena
16:00-16:30Coffee break
16:30-18:00Session A-06Steam turbines (I)
Session B-06Experimental and measuring techniques (I)
Session C-06Design and optimization (III)
WEDNESDAY5th April 2017
8:30-9:30Invited Lecture"Turbomachinery Aeroacoustics"
Prof. Mats Abom - KTH Royal Institute of Technology
9:30-10:00Coffee break
10:00-12:30Session A-07Axial turbines: numerical calculations
Session B-07Compressors aerodynamics
Session C-07Experimental and measuring techniques (II)
14:00-16:00Session A-08Axial turbines aerodynamics
Session B-08Stall and surge
Session C-08Radial compressors
16:00-16:30Coffee break
16:30-18:00Session A-09Steam turbines (II)
Session B-09Hydraulic machinery (I)
Session C-09Transition and turbulence modeling (II)
8:30-9:30Invited Lecture"Uncertainty Quantificaton and Robust Design in Turbomachinery"
Prof. Charles Hirsch – NUMECA
9:30-10:00Coffee break
10:00-12:30Session A-10Radial turbines
Session B-10Fans
Session C-10Special Session on Uncertainty Quantification
14:00-16:00Session A-11Combustor turbines interaction
Session B-11Axial compressors: unsteady flows and interactions
Session C-11Hydraulic machinery (II)
16:00-16:30Coffee break
16:30-18:00Session A-12Steam turbines (III)
Session B-12Wind turbines
Session C-12Vibration, flutter, aero-elasticity (I)
20:00-22:00Quality Hotel GlobeGala Dinner
FRIDAY7th April 2017
8:30-9:30Invited Lecture"Some Challenges in Turbomachinery for Propulsion"
Mr. Hans Mårtensson - GKN Aerospace
9:30-10:00Coffee break
10:00-12:30Session A-13Axial turbines: unsteady flows and blade row interaction
Session B-13Aero-acoustics, noise generation and reduction (II)
Session C-13Vibration, flutter, aero-elasticity (II)
12:30-12:45Closing Ceremony