At the initiative of the German, English, French and Belgian Engineering Associations a European Turbomachinery Committee was founded in July 1993 with the mission to organise at European level a bi-annual international conference on fluid and thermodynamics aspects of turbomachines as a replacement for the hitherto national conferences on this subject. The conference was to be different in scope, size and organization from the annual ASME Gas Turbine Conferences that take place every other year in Europe.


  • The conference covers all types of turbomachines, i.e. aero-engines and stationary gas turbines, compressors, steam turbines, hydraulic turbines and pumps, ventilators and wind turbines.
  • The conference is limited to only 2 parallel sessions in order to allow a more focused participation of the  audience and to improve the active discussion in ye sessions.
  • The planning and the review process and the scientific  quality of the conference is the responsibility of the EUROTURBO (EUROPEAN Turbomachinery Society) organizing committee, the actual organisation of the conference is taken over by a local  engineering  organization.


The conference was also seen as an integrating element between the Western and Eastern European countries and as an additional mean to foster collaboration in turbomachinery research at a European level. Finally this conference is seen as an ideal forum to present and publicise the results of research projects funded by the European Commission and benefits therefore also from the support by the Commission. In the recent years the EUROTURBO is promoting the free dissemination of the papers presented at the conference, and it is now accepted for coverage in the selected Elsevier product to be indexed in SCOPUS. The last two Conference and the incoming received the ISSN number: 2313‐0067 for international recognition.
Contributions originating from non European countries are of course encouraged, as is the participation to the conference. To ensure a high scientific quality of the conference a very thorough paper review process with at least 3 reviewers per paper is employed. The best papers will be proposed for publication in an internationally renowned technical journal. To enhance further the quality of the conference high level experts will be requested to deliver at the conferences invited lectures on leading edge turbomachinery technologies.

Following the successful first twelve conferences on turbomachinery held in Erlangen (DE) 1995, in Antwerp (BE) 1997, in London (GB) 1999, in Florence (IT) 2001, in Prague (CZ) 2003, in Lille (FR) 2005, in Athens (GR) 2007, in Graz (AT) 2009, in Istanbul (TR) 2011, in Lappeenranta 2013 (FI), and in Madrid 2015 (ES). The twelfth will take place in April 2017 in Stockholm (S).