The procedure to modify the metadata of your paper
(title, authors and abstract).

During the development of the Technical Program, Proceedings the staff use the data from the review platform and NOT from your final paper, so please maintain the metadata of your paper updated in the review platform.

    1. click
    2. click on the title of your paper

N.B. During the “Review Phase” the modification of metadata is possible only after the full paper upload.


Some constraints, they could be different respect the final paper’s guideline :

      • Author list:
        take attention if all authors are reported in the right order. First Name, Mid name, Surname / Last name.
      • Title:
        NO All Capital letters. Only the acronym e.s CFD. e.s.:   “Semi automated improvement of wind blade design”,   “Unsteady velocity PIV measurements and 3D numerical calculation comparisons inside the impeller of a radial pump model”,   “A Comparative study of RANS, URANS and NLES approaches for flow prediction in pin fin array”
      • Organization / Affiliation:
        Only the organization name, NO address, No your rule, NO country. e.s.: University of Applied Sciences Lucerne; NUMECA International; University of Florence: Euroturbo
      • Organization / Affiliation Country:
        The country of you Organization, we need it
      • Abstract:
        fill with the same in your final paper. Copy from the original LaTex or Word, please not form the PDF.



If you use the “copy” and “paste”, take attention to use the “paste as plain text” or similar command to avoid strange behavior.