Abstract submission guide

The abstract submission is based on the Euroturbo review platform. The authors need to login and filling a form with all the necessary information. The system asks to select the track,  to accept the copyright agreement and the rules for the review. There is a limit on the abstract’s length, it is 400 words.

For a correct receiving of the email from the review system, we suggest inserting the domain www.euroturbo.eu in the whitelist in your anti-spam filter. For problems, write to our IT staff filling the form at the bottom.


  1. click to www.euroturbo.eu/review-platform.
  2. click on the link “HERE” indicated by the red arrow in the section “SUBMIT ABSTRACT”.

image about Submit abstract


  1. Now you need to log in. If you participated in ETC13 as an Author or Reviewer, you can use the same username. If you forgot the password you can reset it.
  2. If you are not registered, subscribe using the link indicated with the gray arrow.

image about Submit abstract


  1. Here you can select the track for your abstract.
  2. The system asks to check: the checklist and the Copyright Notice.
  3. After click on “Save and continue”.

image about Submit abstract


  1. On this page, you can edit all bibliographic information for your abstract. Author list, use “Add author” to add an Author, the limit is 12. Fill Title and Abstract (400 words).
  2. Click to” save e continue”.
  3. Your abstract is submitted!!!

image about Submit abstract

To prevent some problem with the email we suggest to insert the domain “euroturbo.eu” in the whitelist of your anti-spam filter

Specific Questions

If the guidelines aren’t enough to resolve your problems with the editing of your paper or with the procedures on the review platform, compile the form to ask for a help

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