The Author(s) understand that the Paper will be part of the European Turbomachinery Conference Proceedings. The Proceedings will be released during the Conference in an electronic format and will be published on-line in an Open Access repository. Both parties agree to the following definition of Open Access:

  • the copyright of the published content is retained by the Author(s) or by their Institutions;
  • once published, the paper is freely available on the Internet through the Euroturbo Platforms, without subscription or price barriers;
  • the Paper is published under the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 (CC-BY-NC-ND).

The Proceedings will be released through the Euroturbo Open Access repository, six months after the Conference closing date

Notes about the cc-by-nc-nd license

Euroturbo will apply the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivative Works 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-ND) to all papers appearing in the European Turbomachinery Conference Proceedings, as well as on all Euroturbo on-line platforms operating on an Open Access basis. The CC BY-NC-ND license:

  • allows users to copy and distribute the Paper, provided this is not done for commercial purposes;
  • does not permit distribution of the Paper if it is changed or edited in any way, and provided the user gives appropriate credit, provides a link to the license, and that the licensor is not represented as endorsing the use made of the work.

The full details of the license are available at

Notes about journal publication

In case the paper has been accepted for publication in the Euroturbo Journal of Turbomachinery, Propulsion and Power, it will be removed from the Euroturbo Open-Access repository. The Author(s) will then be asked to sign a similar Copyright Agreement with the publisher, overruling the present one.