10th European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid dynamics & Thermodynamics

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J. de Laborderie, S. Moreau - University of Sherbrooke, Canada


In the framework of improving the tonal fan noise prediction the present study aims at evaluating the effects of 3D gusts in a cascade based acoustic model. Indeed they allow a better description of the excitation than the usual 2D decomposition. The 3D model accounting for the duct geometry is applied to an axial compressor stage for the tonal noise created by the rotor-stator interaction. An unsteady compressible flow simulation of this compressor provides both the excitation and the actual acoustic sources on the stator vane. Comparisons with the 2D version of the model and the results of the simulation are performed on the cascade response and on the acoustic power radiated within the duct. They show the improvements brought by the 3D model as well as some limitations that are analyzed.


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