12th European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid dynamics & Thermodynamics

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Axial Compressors



Aleksandar Joksimovic - ISAE
Sébastien Duplaa - ISAE
Yannick Bousquet - ISAE
Xavier Carbonneau - ISAE
N. Tantot - Safran Aircraft Engines


The objective of this paper is development and application of a methodology for preliminary analysis of variable pitch fan (VPF), both as a separate component and as a module integrated into a short-medium range geared turbofan engine developed within European FP7 project ENOVAL. For this purpose, a high bypass ratio two spool geared turbofan engine model was constructed in software PROOSIS. A VPF performance modelling methodology was then developed using 3D steady RANS CFD produced fan maps as baseline; the CFD maps characterised five discrete fan pitch angle settings. In order to represent those maps in PROOSIS and add the pitch angle as a degree of freedom, they were transformed into the Map Fitting Tool (MFT) reference frame. Once the complete VPF turbofan model was in place, engine mission optimisation experiments were carried out. The resulting performance is characterised by a good capability to control the fan surge margin, without degrading the engine fuel consumption.


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