12th European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid dynamics & Thermodynamics

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Axial Turbines



Andrey Granovskiy - Moscow Power Institut (National Research University)
Vladimir Gribin - Moscow Power Institut (National Research University)
Nikolay Lomakin - Moscow Power Institut (National Research University)


Modern gas turbines operate at high temperatures, which exceed the endurance limit of material, and therefore the turbines components are cooled by the air taken from the compressor. The cooling provides positive impact on lifetime of GT has negative impact on its performance. In convection-cooled turbine blade the coolant is usually discharged through the trailing edge and it leads to limitation on the minimal size of trailing edge and thereby negatively affects the losses. Moreover, the injection of cooling air in the turbine disturbs the main flow, and may lead to additional increase of losses, and the trailing edge loss is a significant part of the overall loss in modern gas turbines. This study comprises investigations of losses in cooled blades. Four cascades with different unguided part of aerofoil with and without coolant injection were studied both experimentally and numerically. This analysis provides split of losses caused by different factors, and offers the opportunities for efficiency and lifetime improvements of real engine designs/upgrades. In particular it is shown that an increase in the unguided turning angle results in a reduction of loss in case of relatively thick trailing edge. It is also shown that injection through the trailing edge slot parallel to the main flow leads to neutral loss impact and even loss reduction in subsonic range and loss increase in the supersonic range of exit Mach numbers.


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