12th European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid dynamics & Thermodynamics

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Steam Turbines



Vladimir Gribin - National Research University "MPEI"
Aleksandr Tishchenko - National Research University "MPEI"
Ilya Gavrilov - National Research University "MPEI"
Victor Tishchenko - National Research University "MPEI"
Ivan Sorokin - National Research University "MPEI"
Roman Alexeev - National Research University "MPEI"


The main objective of this research is to create technique of blade profiles design for wet steam turbines. The first results of this study are presented here. In addition to high aerodynamic efficiency, turbine blades working in wet steam conditions should be designed in order to minimize erosion damage caused by discrete liquid phase. Geometry of blade profile plays an important role in the processes of coarse droplets formation in blade passages (droplets separation on blade surfaces, liquid film breakup near trailing edge etc). In the first part of this paper a parametric method of turbine blade profile design is observed. It uses Bezier curves in order to form profile shape. Experimental results of coarse droplets movement in blade passage are presented in the second part of this paper. Data is obtained by optical laser method PTV (particle tracking velocimetry). Interaction of droplets with blade leading edge and pressure side surface has been considered. On the basis of experimental data some modifications of original blade have been made in order to control trajectories of coarse droplets, originated near the leading edge of the blade.


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