12th European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid dynamics & Thermodynamics

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Axial Compressors


Alessio Suman - University of Ferrara
Annalisa Fortini - University of Ferrara
Nicola Aldi - University of Ferrara
Michele Pinelli - University of Ferrara
Mattia Merlin - University of Ferrara


The concept of smart morphing blades, which can control themselves to reduce or eliminate the need for active control systems, is a highly attractive solution in blade technology. In this paper, an innovative passive control system based on Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) is proposed. On the basis of previous thermal and shape characterization of a single morphing blade for a heavy-duty automotive cooling axial fan, this study deals with the numerical analysis of the aerodynamic loads acting on the fan. By coupling computational fluid dynamics and finite element method approaches, it is possible to analyze the actual blade shape resulting from both the aerodynamic and centrifugal loads. The numerical results indicate that the polymeric blade structure ensures proper resistance and enables shape variation due to the action of the SMA strips.

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