12th European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid dynamics & Thermodynamics

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Radial Turbines



Bojan Savic - Technical University of Berlin
Rainer Zimmermann - Technical University of Berlin
B. Jander - Technical University of Berlin
Roland Baar - Technical University of Berlin


Heat transfer and inhomogeneous flows in the turbine inhibit the calculation of the isen-tropic efficiencies from hot gas test data using conventional methods. In previous works the basis for such a calculation has been built such as special measurement devices and a power-based approach for calculating the heat flows. The main objective of the pre-sent work is the calculation of the isentropic turbine efficiencies and further development of the approach for obtaining isentropic compressor efficiencies from hot gas test data. The turbocharger is described aerodynamically and thereby the friction power can be calculated by setting up the power balance. For validation of the compressor, adiabatic measurements are used as well as CFD simulations for the turbine. Reasons for the latter are changing inlet conditions that do not allow the transfer of adiabatic data to diabatic or hot conditions.


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