12th European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid dynamics & Thermodynamics

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Steam Turbines



Christian Musch - Siemens AG
Kevin Cremanns - Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences
Simon Hecker - Siemens AG
Andreas Penkner - Siemens AG


In this study a strategy for a 3D optimisation of the exhaust of a low pressure (LP) steam turbine is presented. The flow domain utilized consists of both the last stage and the exhaust diffuser. The optimisation is done with the help of a hybrid surrogate model for the diffuser flow. In the first part of the paper a numerical model and its validation is presented, which allows for a precise simulation of the diffuser flow including the actual 3D geometry. The second part describes the optimisation procedure and the necessary simplifications applied to this model in order to get a numerical setup that is fast enough to actually perform a design study with roughly 200 design variants within a feasible time. This model is used afterwards to create a surrogate model. Based on this meta model an optimisation is carried out and finally scrutinzed with a flow simulation of the whole exhaust hood.


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