12th European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid dynamics & Thermodynamics

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Axial Compressors



Alexander Wright - Dalhousie University
Ali Mahallati - Concepts NREC
Martin Conlon - National Research Council Canada
Julio Militzer - Dalhousie University


This paper presents a computational investigation of scaled turbofan lobed mixer stiffening tabs at low-speed off-design conditions. Stiffening tabs provide rigidity to the thin lobed mixer by connecting the mixer valley to the more rigid centrebody. Evidence shows that the tabs affect the flow structures of turbofan exhaust systems at off-design core inlet swirl conditions. Observations were made downstream of the mixer in simulations that were carried out with an unstructured RANS solver and the k-ω SST turbulence model. To model off-design conditions, the core flow swirl was increased from axial flow to 10° at the moderate case and 30° at the high swirl case. The tab geometry was shown to perturb some of the less involved flow mixing structures, streamwise vortices near the lobe valley. Simulations of geometries with the tabs displayed more uniform flow throughout the common nozzle with higher thrust outputs; however, these minor improvements are negated by higher total pressure losses.


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