12th European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid dynamics & Thermodynamics

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Experimental Technique



Georg Hartfuss - ITSM University of Stuttgart
Markus Schatz - ITSM University of Stuttgart


Humid air turbines (HAT) are considered to be a viable option for flexible distributed power generation systems. For gas turbine facilities with power outputs higher than 1 MW the predicted efficiencies of the HAT-process are even higher than those of triple pressure combined cycle facilities, yet to date there is very few experimental data available to prove these predictions. For mGT-facilities, some experimental and theoretical studies have been performed. While all theoretical studies show an increase of the electrical efficiency of 2-3% points, some of the experimental work yields significantly lower benefits. In the present study, a thermodynamic model of a mHAT-turbine has been set up using performance data of a turbocharger scaled up to the available performance data of the T100 turbine and validating it to published results. Thereafter, a parameter study of the impact of various parameters and modifications of the process has been calculated. The results show that the HAT process has a superior performance compared to the simple recuperated mGT.


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