13th European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid dynamics & Thermodynamics

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Experimental Technique



Christian Windemuth - Technische Universität Dresden
Martin Lange - Technische Universität Dresden
Ronald Mailach - Technische Universität Dresden


In recent years, steam turbines experience increasing quantities of load changes along with extended part load operation, posing new challenges for the regulation of the turbines. Control valves are commonly used for the throttling of steam turbines, accompanied by highly unsteady flow conditions at part load. The resulting pressure fluctuations can trigger valve vibrations with reduced component lifetime and structural failures. Most experimental research considers stiff valve configurations with the focus on improved valve shapes. As a result, the availability of experimental data for the elastic configuration is rare. To enhance the comprehension of the fluid-structure interaction, a new control valve test rig featuring a scaled model with an elastic valve stem is introduced in this paper. In addition to the experimental setup, first test results are presented and compared to numerical simulations and published data. Using time resolving pressure signals, critical operating points are detected for further investigations.


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