13th European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid dynamics & Thermodynamics

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Experimental Technique



Alexander Krumme - German Aerospace Center DLR
Marc Tegeler - German Aerospace Center DLR
Steffen Gattermann - German Aerospace Center DLR


Following the industrial trend of increasingly integrative design and analysis of the combustor-turbine interface, the EC FP7 project FACTOR was launched many years ago. The project ended in late 2017 after successful completion of the experimental test campaign involving blank-sheet design rotating turbine rig hardware, which was assembled, integrated and op-erated in DLR's turbine test facility NG-Turb in G¨ottingen, Germany. This paper highlights the DLR contribution to FACTOR including the 1.5 stage turbine rig's mechanical design, instrumentation and integration as well as final part assembly to a working rig. Additionally, DLR was responsible for rig operation and overall measurement campaign fulfilment including the acquisition of static pressure and temperature data as well as aerother-mal 5-hole-probe traverses in different measurement planes. The implemented combustor sim-ulator created a characteristic flow profile to and through the turbine with strongly varying flow angles and temperatures, that posed a challenge for the applied measurement techniques.


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