13th European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid dynamics & Thermodynamics

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Matthias Witte - Institute of Turbomachinery
Ole Kranz - Institute of Turbomachinery
Benjamin Torner - Institute of Turbomachinery
F. Hendrik Wurm - Institute of Turbomachinery


The emission of hydro acoustic and airborne noise is a crucial aspect for pump applications in building equipment systems. Hydrodynamic pressure fluctuations inside the pump are the source for the noise emission. These fluctuations propagate far into the connected pipe system as hydro acoustic pressure waves. Furthermore, they will excite structural vibrations of the pump housing causing the emission of airborne noise in the vicinity. The experimental determination of the wall pressure fluctuations, the operational deflection shapes (ODS) as well the airborne noise emissions are one part of this study. The main part of this study will focus on the development and test of a new software framework combining a scale resolving flow simulation and finite element simulation for the numerically prediction of the ODS. The comparison of the computed ODS with the experiment at the 1th and 2th order of the blade passing frequency confirmed a good accordance.


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