13th European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid dynamics & Thermodynamics

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Heat Transfer & Cooling



Isak John Håkan Jonsson - Chalmers University of Technology
Valery Chernoray - Chalmers University of Technology
Radheesh Dhanasegaran - Chalmers University of Technology


This paper presents experimental results of heat transfer coefficient on an outlet guide vane (OGV) in an engine exit Module (EEM) at engine-representative conditions. The results were obtained in Chalmers OGV-LPT test facility with a newly developed method to measure heat transfer with high accuracy that is applicable to a large variety of geometries. A thin-walled OGV was manufactured with an internal water heating system and surface temperature was measured by IR thermography. An extensive effort has been made to mitigate all major sources of uncertainty and results from three different load cases at Reynolds number 235000 is presented. The current study is closing the gap which previously existed in the literature by providing data on heat transfer on EES OGVs under engine representative conditions. These results are crucial for designing future high-bypass ratio aero-engines which is a new radical concept requiring improvement of the existing design of EEMs.


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