A simple step-by-step procedure to assign a paper to a reviewer.

Important Notice: The platform sends emails with your email address for the communication with the Reviewers and the Review Chair.


Log in the platform and click on “USER HOME.”

Review Organizer - assign to reviewer 01


Click on “Review Organizer” or “In Review” to enter in the “SUBMISSION IN REVIEW” page.

Review Organizer - assign to reviewer 02


In this page, you can see all your assigned papers as RO. Take attention on “In Tracks” is set as “All Tracks.”
Click on the Paper’s title to select it.

Review Organizer - assign to reviewer 03


This page collects the information on the paper. In the red circle Your and Review Chair’s names are reported. Also there is an Email icon, you can use it to contact the Review Chair.
To assign the review click on “SELECT REVIEWER.”

Review Organizer - assign to reviewer 04


In this page, you can search for a reviewer.
Here you find only users registered as a reviewer; if you don’t find a knotted reviewer you can add him/her (see the specific guide) Mettere link pagina Add a new reviewer.
You can search for a name, email and “Review Interest.” Generally, in the reviewing interest, there are reported the name of ETC Tracks, they are the Tracks in the Review Platform.
To assign click on “ASSIGN.”

Review Organizer - assign to reviewer 05


Now you need to send the email to the assigned reviewer, click on the Email icon.

Review Organizer - assign to reviewer 06


  1. The platform sends an invitation email to the reviewer. In the text, there is the paper’s abstract and a link. This link permits the reviewer to accept or reject the review.
  2. For security reason, the system doesn’t permit to add a CC and BCC email, the link in the text permit to access to the reviewer account without login.
  3. The email is sent with your email address and your signature, check it in your profile.
  4. Click on “Send”

Review Organizer - assign to reviewer 07

  1. The first reviewer accepted the review.
  2. The second rejected the review
  3. No response form review three and four


To prevent any inconvenient that may occur in the automated mail sending procedures through the platform, we recommend to insert the domain “euroturbo.eu” in the whitelist of your anti-spam filter

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