A guide on similarity check

All submitted papers are checked with “Crossref Similarity Check” by iThenticate. The analysis is performed by our IT Staff and the results are put on the platform as a supplementary file. The same file is available to the reviewers and the authors.

If you don’t find the report, please contact out IT Staff

You can download the report using one of the two link marked by the arrows

Review Organizer - similarity check

The iThenticate plagiarism detection software produces a similarity report file that allows to dentify material matching text from documents found in an extensive database.
Highlighted text will include text that has been properly quoted and cited that it is not necessarily plagiarized.
The RO will need to verify that every highlighted section has been properly quoted, summarized or paraphrased.
At the end of the report, a percentage of overlap with already published material is given, as overall total and partial data.
A global value under 20 – 30% is usually what is expected for a sufficiently original content. A single publication may reach this value.
When this threshold is exceeded the RO may decide to grant some extra-time (typically one to three weeks) to the authors to produce a more original paper.
This means that she/he believes that:
1) there are some real new contents in the paper and the authors should be ale to produce a final original manuscript in due time
2) the granted extra-time fits with the review process constraints
If the RO believes that the work has fundamentally already been published and there is no way the author could remedy in a small time window, the paper will be rejected.