The Review Committee is a key part of the conference organization. Its role is to Review and comment on submissions, thus providing the input to the Program Committee which makes the final decision on which submissions are accepted and rejected.

This system is based on the ‘OPEN CONFERENCE SYSTEMS’ Management System and has been adapted to the specific needs of the European Turbomachinery Conference. Being Reviewer means that you have already registered in the Conference Data Base. The papers you have to process have been attributed to you by the Review Organizer, and you should have been notified of this assignment by Email.

  1. You enter the system through this link:
  2. Enter the username and password you have selected when you registered in the conference database. The platform uses the same login information to access as Author or Reviewer.
  3. You will see ‘Reviewer’; click on it to arrive to the list of papers you have to take care of.

reviewer guideline - page 1

You can download/save the abstract and the full paper (click on the corresponding icon) and you find also the plagiarism reports as supplementary file.

Note: Members of the Review Committee see unpublished work of other authors. Your professional ethics preclude disclosure to any other party the contents of the submissions you handle. In case of problems or for further questions about the reviewing process, please contact us at the following mail address of the etc secretariat from this contact formFor technical aspect you can write to out IT staff.

Signing In/Out

When sign in is open, you may click on the Sign In and enter your username and password to gain access to user page. The platform uses the same login information to access as Author or Reviewer.
If you have forgotten your username or password, the forgot links next to these two fields will allow you to recover your username or have a new password issued.
Once you have finished working with the platform or will be away from the computer for a while, click the Sign Out menu link atop the page. Note that after one hour of inactivity, you will be automatically signed out.


On the email where you were invited to review the paper, there is a direct link to access directly to the review page. Remember to response at the first Review Step to accept or not the review.

If reviewing is open and you have been assigned submissions to review, a Submissions to Review section will be displayed on the Reviewer home page with a table of assignments:

reviewer guideline - page 2

Clicking on a submission title in the table to go submission page.
The “Review Steps” section follow you to the procedure.

  1. The section on the notification to the Review organizer: Please respond if you accept or not the review clicking on corresponding mail. Only after the accepting, you will be able to review the assigned paper.
  2. Here you can download the paper.
  3. The review form, click on baloon-icon to go to the form. The form MUST be compiled!!! Take attention when you click on “Save” if there is an error the page will be reloaded, If it will be correct it will be closed.
  4. You can use this form to upload a file of your review
  5. Recommendation: select your recommendation and click on “Submit the review”

Your review is finished!! Thanks for your time.
The review form is only saved when you click the “Save” button at the end of the form. You will be then offered the opportunity to recover the in-progress review. It is usually advisable to draft up any lengthy review write-ups in a word processor, and then copy them into the review form. In the following two pages, the facsimile of the form to be filled in order to perform the review is presented.

To prevent some problem with the email we suggest to insert the domain “” in the whitelist of your anti-spam filter



Reviewing Process

Contact ETC Secretariat in case of problems or questions

Technical aspect

Contact IT_Stuff about technical problems

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